Flow Wright Faucet Aerators

Flow Wright, Inc. is a supplier of faucet aerators, adapters, snap-fittings, and couplers to the OEM/Repackager Trades, and prides itself on quality products and service.

The features and benefits of Flow Wright’s low flow water saving faucet aerators (2.2 GPM and 1.5 GPM) are: The anti-clog aerator provides a high quality engineered aerated stream without the use of screens, thus eliminating clogging due to sediment buildup. In addition, ultra low flow water saving aerators (1.0 GPM and .5 GPM) are available by special order.

Please browse our products and call Flow Wright, Inc. at 1/847-438-1053 or email us at greg@flowwright.com for any information regarding these or any other product requirements you may have.

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